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Everything You Need To Know About Proposal Argument

Writing an essay is an easy task when you know how to present your argument in an essay. An argumentative essay does not follow a single argument format. It can be written in different types of arguments, whether in casual, evaluation, or proposal. 

 This essay is about a proposal argument and how to present it in an essay!

What Is a Proposal Argument?

A proposal argument is a type of argument that proposes a solution to a problem and provides reasons to support the solution. It is important to note that the term “problem” can refer to an actual problem or perceived problem. 

For an argument to be classified as a proposal argument, it must meet two criteria:

  •  It must identify a problem
  •  It must propose a solution to the problem. 

There are three key components that all proposal arguments should include: 

  • An identification of the problem

The first component of a proposal argument is an identification of the problem. This component is important because it allows readers to understand the purpose of the argument. 

  • A proposal for solving the problem

The second component is a proposal for solving the problem. This component is important because it demonstrates what the author believes should be done to address the identified problem. 

  • Reasons why the proposed solution is the best course of action

The third and final component elaborates on why the proposed solution is the best action. This component is important because it justifies why the proposed solution is superior to other possible solutions.

 By including all three of these components, an author can effectively persuade readers that their proposed solution is the best way to address the identified problem.

Elements Of Proposal Argument

To present a good proposal argument, some crucial elements are necessary. We need to highlight the argument. Then we have to evaluate the proposal that the problem is bad and needs a solution. This will create a sense of urgency and convince the reader to look at the problem to find its solution. 

To follow the above outline, you will have to present an argument to propose the solution to the problem. 

Below are some of the elements of proposal arguments mentioned with examples you can follow to create a good proposal argument. 

Background of The Problem

The first step in writing a proposal argument is to identify a problem that needs to be solved. This part of the essay should be fairly concise, and you don’t need to write an entire history or background of the problem. 

You will have to provide enough information, showing how the problem is affecting people, so your reader understands the problem and why it needs to be solved.


 If you want to propose a new law to make it illegal to text while driving, you need to explain why this problem exists. For instance, you can explain that texting while driving is a leading cause of car accidents. 

Description Of the Proposed Solution

Once you have explained the problem, you must present your proposed solution. Again, this essay part does not need to be too long. Just provide enough detail so that your reader understands what you are proposing. 

In our example above, your proposed solution would be a new law making texting illegal while driving. You will also need to explain how this law would work. 

Add information like imposing fines and increasing penalties for repeat offenders can help you with your proposal.

Methods To Implement the Solution

This part of your proposal argument explains how your solution can be implemented. In our texting while driving example, you can propose a solution like police officers should receive special training on enforcing this new law or that cell phone companies include messaging limits as part of their service plans. You will need to research this part of the proposal to make your argument convincing. 

 Feasibility Of The Proposal

For your idea to be convincing, you must show that it can be implemented. This means doing your research and being realistic about what your idea would entail. After all, if there are no feasible ways to implement your proposal, it’s not likely to gain much traction! 

Benefits of The Proposal

People are more likely to get on board with your idea if they can see how it will benefit them. Provide them with unlimited benefits to make them adopt your proposal. 

Proposal Argument in Essay

 The key difference between a proposal argument essay and other argumentative essays is that the proposal argument doesn’t just state an opinion but proposes taking action. This means that proposal arguments must be well-reasoned and backed up with evidence to be effective


Parts Of Proposal Essay

You’re in the home stretch of writing your proposal essay. It’s time to start thinking about all of the little details. There are many moving parts to a proposal essay, from the introduction to the conclusion and everything in between.

 Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a checklist of all the parts of a proposal essay and what each should accomplish.


The introduction to your proposal essay should do two things: introduce your topic and explain why it’s important. This is your chance to hook your reader and get them interested in what you have to say. To do this, you’ll want to ensure your introduction is engaging and informative. 


The proposal is the meat of your essay. This is where you’ll lay out your solution to the problem you’re addressing in your paper. To make sure your proposal is as strong as possible, you’ll want to be clear and concise while also providing enough detail to give your reader a good sense of what you’re proposing.


A good proposal essay will always include a detailed plan for implementing the proposed solution. This is important because it shows you’ve thought through all the potential challenges and pitfalls of your proposal. Including a detailed plan will make your proposal more convincing and give your reader confidence that you know what you’re doing. 

Desired Outcomes

What are the desired outcomes of implementing your proposed solution? This is an important question to answer because it will help you show the value of your proposal.

 If you demonstrate that your proposed solution will have positive outcomes, you’ll be more likely to convince your reader to support it. 

Resources Needed

 For your proposed solution to be successful, what resources will be required? This could include things like funding, personnel, or materials. By identifying the resources needed upfront, you’ll again show that you’ve thought through all aspects of your proposal and that you’re prepared to implement it successfully. 


A proposal essay is a chance to present your case for why a particular problem needs to be solved and why your solution is the best. To write a strong conclusion, you must make a clear and convincing argument for why your solution is the best. 

You will have to address all of the objections. You also need to provide a call to action, telling your reader what they can do to help implement your solution. 

In the end, you need to leave your reader with hope, showing them that change is possible. A strong conclusion can convince your reader that your proposal is the best way to solve a particular problem.

Proposal Argument Essay Outline And Structure

As we have already mentioned that a proposal argument essay is an essay that proposes a solution to a problem. It argues that something should be done and provides evidence and reasoning to support that claim. A proposal argument aims to persuade readers that your solution is the best one. 

To write a good proposal argument, you must have a good outline. This will help you organize your thoughts and present your evidence convincingly and effectively.

 A well-written proposal argument can be very convincing. So take time to craft a good outline. 

Mentioned below is the basic outline and structure of the proposal essay; 

Outline of Proposal Essay

  • Introduction
    • Provide Background of the Problem 
    • Thesis 
  • Body Paragraphs
    • Explain The Problem Thoroughly 
    • Propose Solution
    • Explanation of Solution
    • Evidence in Support of the Solution
  • Conclusion
    • Give a brief summary 
    • Call to action

Structure Of Proposal Essay

You can follow the below-mentioned structure to construct your essay;

The Issue

The first step in writing a proposal argument is to identify the problem. What issue are you trying to solve? Why is this issue important? You will need to provide evidence to support your claims about the problem. 

The Plan

The second step is to propose a solution. What are you proposing we do about the issue? Again, you will need to provide some evidence to support your proposed solution. 

The Discussion

The third step is to discuss why your solution is the best. How will it solve the problem? What are the benefits of your solution? Be sure to address any objections that someone might have to your proposal. 

Proposal Argument Essay Topics

Here are a few interesting topics for you to get help with selecting a good proposal essay topic;

  • How to reduce car emissions 
  • The danger of fracking 
  • How to reduce plastic pollution 
  • The rising problem of water shortage 
  • How to secure your data online
  • How to overcome online games addiction 
  • The pros and cons of nuclear power
  • The pros and cons of the Patriot Act
  • The role of marketing in our business
  • How to reduce the illiteracy rate 
  • How to provide sex education to children 
  • How to build self-confidence 
  • How to deal with job burnout
  • Importance of technical writing skills – How to learn? 
  • What energy resources help us to reduce global warming?
  •  Why should we reduce the use of Chlorofluorocarbons?
  • Food Wastage is causing famine. 

These are some of the interesting topics of the proposal essay. Before you begin your essay writing process, select the topic you are interested in and have much information to present. 

Always present your argument and solution with a reason. This will help the readers to adopt your proposal.

A well-crafted proposal argument can be a powerful tool for persuasion. You can make a strong case for implementing your proposal by identifying a problem and proposing a specific solution. Remember to back up your claims with research and data, so your audience takes you seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Proposed Argument Topic?

A proposed argument topic is any topic a person wants to discuss. This could be anything from politics to social culture. This topic is focussed on any issue that needs fixing.

The important thing is that the person must have a strong opinion and is willing to argue their point. The proposer proposes a solution to fix the argument. To be a successful arguer, it is important to be able to back up your claims with evidence. 

What Are Three Types Of Arguments?

 The three types of arguments are ethical, logical, and emotional. A strong and valid argument contains the balance of all three types. Presenting an argument aims to engage the reader in a constructive debate, not to offend or belittle someone. 

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